Appointments will not always be provided by a GP, or your usual GP – the supporting clinician/specialist will however have the relevant knowledge and skills. In this way we can focus our GPs to support you when you have complex needs.

Consultations are for one person, approximately for 10 minutes and ideally to discuss one problem.

Try and manage common ailments and viruses yourself – visit a pharmacy, or look at on-line NHS advice before booking an appointment.

If you have set up Patient Access, the online booking service, you will be able to book online appointments, click here to access online services.

If you require an appointment click on the link for E-Consult.

Routine Appointments: (10 minute appointments)

AM – We have a few routine appointments each morning which are available to book up to one month in advance; however, these do get booked very quickly. The rest of our morning appointments are only available to book on the day.

PM – We have a few ‘book on the day’ afternoon appointments; however, the majority of our afternoon appointments are available to book up to one month in advance.

If you have been offered a telephone consultation, we will call you on the telephone number you have given.  Note our number will show as withheld.  If you are only available on a mobile phone, please remember to have it switched on and ensure you are in a location with good reception.

These are for the housebound or for those too ill to go out. It will help us to judge the urgency if you give details to the receptionist at the surgery with whom the patient is registered before 10.00am. Only Urgent requests will be considered after that time. Please note that the GP may also telephone you to assess your condition before visiting.

PLEASE remember that the doctor is able to see four patients in surgery in the time it takes to do one home visit.

It is important to be as frank and open as you can.  You may find it helpful to prepare some notes to bring with you to discuss during your appointment.  Taking phone calls during an appointment is wasting your GP’s time – please either decline the call or explain you will call them back.

Please ask if you would like a Chaperone present if you are having an intimate examination (a procedure involving your breast, genitalia or rectum).

If you need help with interpreting or translation, please let us know as you make the appointment.  You can arrange for a friend or relative to accompany you.  Alternatively we offer a translation service, but we will need at least 24-hours’ notice to book an interpreter.